Wait, why wasn’t Colt Nost a Ryder Cup vice captain?

by: Shawn Zack 26 July 2022 Getty Images When you’re stupid enough to be cheated like you were yesterday, the first step is to admit it. Next often is to delete any evidence that you have been scammed. But the toothpaste was really out of that tube, and it was actually pretty tasty. Colt Nost … Read more

Eagles announces changes to its coaching staff

The Al-Nusour team announced the following changes to the coaching staff on the first day of the training camp: Denard Wilson Defensive Passing/ Defensive Back Coordinator Jeremiah Washburn Defensive ends/outside full-backs Alex Tani – Midfield assistant / attacking assistant Tyler Scudder Defensive assistant Eric Dickerson – Offensive Quality Control Scott Kaneki Administrative Assistant to the … Read more

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Lawyers say Britney Greiner will testify at trial

“Greiner will testify tomorrow, and after that, she will decide whether or not to answer any questions,” Greiner’s attorney, Alexander Boikov, told CNN on Tuesday. Prosecutors will also have the opportunity to question Greiner. The two-time Olympic gold medalist appeared briefly in court at the Khimki District Court in the Moscow region on Tuesday as … Read more