Yale is negotiating to settle a mental health case

Karen Lin, Senior Photographer Content warning: This article contains references to suicide. *** The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a hotline for individuals in crisis or for those looking to help another person. To speak with a certified listener, call 1-800-273-8255. Crisis Text Line is an emotional crisis support text message service. To speak with … Read more

Chicago Murals: Donny Hathaway was inspired by Richard Wilson’s Hyde Park mural to promote mental health

A mural in Hyde Park shows a towering portrait of Donny Hathaway, the late Chicago singer-songwriter who won a Grammy Award with Roberta Flack for their recording in 1972 “Where is the love.” The painting, which was painted earlier this year by Richard Wilson, was meant to “honor Donnie for the gifts he has given … Read more

A diet rich in sodium and potassium may increase the risk

Post on PinterestToo much sodium in your diet and too little potassium may affect your risk of cognitive decline. Binary Studio / Stocksy A new study shows that higher dietary sodium was associated with an increased risk of memory decline and that higher potassium intake was associated with higher cognitive function. Sodium and potassium both … Read more

Fitness Instructor Rachel Attard shares her secrets for staying in shape over the holidays

Christmas and weight gain go hand in hand, but there’s no need to put on a record five kilos this holiday season, according to a leading fitness trainer. The key to staying the same dress size during silly season lies in a few key decisions, said Sydney personal trainer Rachel Attard. Rachel’s tips include sticking … Read more

How a dog’s life can change the course of cancer in humans

Amputation and conventional chemotherapy did not stop the malignant disease’s progression to her breast. Typically, dogs with bone cancer live only eight to 10 weeks once the cancer has spread to their lungs, even with treatment. An estimated 15,000 dogs are diagnosed annually with bone cancer. Determined not to give up, Patty and Zachary Mendonca … Read more

Brittney Greener has arrived in the United States after being released by Russia in a prisoner exchange for arms dealer Viktor Bout.

Brittney Griner He arrived in the United States early Friday, landing at Kelly Field in San Antonio, Texas. The WNBA star, who was held for months in Russian prisons on drug charges, was released Thursday in a one-on-one match. A prisoner exchange for a notorious international arms dealer Victor Botand an end to an ordeal … Read more

Costco on inflation keeps us from overreacting to higher producer prices

Wholesale rates in November may be slightly higher than expected, but it is next week’s outlook on consumer prices that may underpin the Fed’s next rate decision. Ultimately, we believe that the November Consumer Price Index (CPI) carries more weight with the market and the Fed than Friday’s wholesale numbers, formally known as the Producer … Read more

The proposal would allow Hartford to regulate the rental market, and halt no-cause evictions

Debbie Spittle is moving with her husband from Bethel into the Twin Pines Housing Trust’s new building in Wilder on Friday, June 18, 2021. Spittle learned about the building when she drove by and saw it under construction. Photo by James M Patterson/Valley News Editor’s note: This story, by Patrick Adrian, was first published in … Read more

Personal finance software market to monitor strong development

Personal Finance Software Market The latest study on the industrial growth of the Personal Finance Software Market 2022-2028. A detailed study has been compiled to provide the latest insights into the sharp features of the Personal Finance Software Market. The report contains various market forecasts related to revenue volume, production, CAGR, consumption, gross margin, price, … Read more