Save your money and keep your cool – Black Friday starts now

Tommy Tindall October is the new Black Friday. At least that’s the impression some retailers give. Target and Amazon are heading into the hot month with big discount events this week and the next in a row. Shoppers may find early sales a good way to do this Saving Money On gifts now. But don’t … Read more

Seminole County opens FEMA sites as residents face flooding

Workers spent most of the afternoon building saw palmetto in Sanford so people could cross floodwaters into Marina Isle. The water is rising but falling slightly in Lake Harney. Cody Clark, owner of the Lake Harney home, keeps track of water levels. “Yesterday it went down for the first time about half an inch and … Read more

VIPC selects Quantum Computing Inc. As a partner for risk-based flight paths

quantum computing company A project to illustrate applied quantum computing to solutions to real-world problems Richmond, VA and Leesburg, VA, October 5, 2022 (Globe Newswire) – Virginia Foundation for Innovation VIPC today announced a partnership with quantum computing company (QCI) (NASDAQ: QUBT), Virginia’s startup leader in accessible quantum computing, to determine optimal flight paths for … Read more

The best new horror movies and TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, and more

hocus pocus 2And the HillriceAnd the The end of Halloween. Photo Illustration: Vulture: Images Courtesy of the Studios It’s every horror fan’s favorite time of the year: spooky season! Leaves change, empty storefronts are now Spirit Halloweens, and decorations are soaring all over town. With temperatures dropping, horror fans plan their schedule for October, the … Read more

Top 100 Karaoke Songs of All Time – Billboard

As far as we are here at painting Missed live music in the midst of the pandemic has been another devastating cultural loss to our daily lives: the shutdown of karaoke. Concerts were the best way for us to connect with our favorite artists, but karaoke is the way we really relate to our favorite … Read more