Marian Wiggins suffered a stroke that almost stopped her book. Her daughter helped her finish it

Writer Marian Wiggins (left) and her daughter, photographer Lara Burzak. Photo: Darvisa Perry Characteristics of Thirst by Marian Wiggins is, first and foremost, a great American novel. But it’s also so many other things—a love story, a war story, a paean to the West that isn’t shy about its violent history, particularly with regard to … Read more

Tensions simmer with conservative moms Florida educators disagree on textbooks

TELLAHASSI — With the January 1 deadline approaching, a working group under the state Department of Education is formulating a training that all school library workers should use in selecting books and other materials. But tensions have risen because some members of the committee do not believe its recommendations are sufficient. The group, which includes … Read more

30 books published later, Jane Smiley still finds joy in writing

Pulitzer Prize-winning and longtime bestselling author Jane Smiley writes. her first book, Barn for the Blindhit shelves in 1980, and now 42 years later (and more than 30 books published), Smiley returns with her most provocative and engaging novel yet, Dangerous business. Set around a murder mystery set in Monterey, California during the gold rush … Read more

Will we see the full January 6 record? The former Capitol Police chief’s book raises questions

New audiotapes and a pre-release book obtained by NewsNation’s “OnBalance” program provide more evidence that the House committee on January 6 had anti-Trump motives rather than a good-faith effort to prevent another tragedy on January 6. (Tapes and excerpts will air tonight on NewsNation at 7 p.m.) The committee has spent the vast majority of … Read more

Top 10 Polar Picture Books | Science and Nature Books

aA former biologist turned natural history filmmaker, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the polar regions — both North Pole and Antarctica – on quite a few occasions. From an initial science trip with the British Antarctic Survey to months in the Canadian Arctic photographing marine animals and local inhabitants of the first frozen planet, … Read more

Patrick Mahomes donates thousands of books to Kansas City schools

Reporter: Kansas City second grade Ari Moore loves to read. >> Because I learned a lot from information books. REPORTER: Same deal with Finn Miller. >> It’s just fun to see what the books contain. REPORTER: That’s why the students at the Integrated Arts Academy were so excited about Tuesday. All reading thanks to presidents … Read more

Review: ‘McCartney Legacy’ is a compelling read for any Beatles fan. And it’s only volume 1

“The McCartney Legacy: Volume 1: 1969-73” by Alan Kozinn and Adrienne Sinclair. Photo: Day Street Books When the Beatles first traveled to America in early 1964, Phil Spector happened to be on the same flight. Paul McCartney, nervous about the band’s prospects in the New World, asked the producer: “What are we going to give … Read more

Enjoy these 7 children’s books that emphasize empathy and overcoming differences | News

There is a short but informative biography of the real-life woman who inspired the book: Saudi human rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul, who was imprisoned for daring to learn to drive. Co-authored by Loujain Al-Hathloul’s sister, Lina Al-Hathloul, the book contains stunningly beautiful illustrations as well as a short message for readers about summoning the courage … Read more