Fitness Instructor Rachel Attard shares her secrets for staying in shape over the holidays

Christmas and weight gain go hand in hand, but there’s no need to put on a record five kilos this holiday season, according to a leading fitness trainer. The key to staying the same dress size during silly season lies in a few key decisions, said Sydney personal trainer Rachel Attard. Rachel’s tips include sticking … Read more

Exercise rules

Do you like to do sports? What do you do to “warm up” for exercise? Do you enjoy walking, dancing or running? in a day Daily rulesIn this article, we will look at how the methods of exercise are expressed. You will learn more about phrasal verbs to describe our verbs and our principles for … Read more

Fasted Cardio: Here’s the truth

If you’ve ever gotten out of bed and immediately set up on the treadmill, you’ve unintentionally experimented with fasted cardio. Exercising on an empty stomach isn’t always intentional. But fitness experts say there are reasons to try it—especially if you have endurance or body remodeling goals. What is heart fasting? The type of exercise and … Read more

5 exercises that women over the age of 60 can do

Most women are either confined to balancing their professional lives with their personal lives or are preoccupied with endless household chores. Many of them don’t even get time for themselves and indulge in activities like exercise. When they’re older and know their kids will do just fine without them, they decide to get involved in … Read more

Singapore #FitsPo of the Week: Michelle Goh

Michelle Goh is a digital marketer and real estate agent. (Photo: Sheryl Tay) Life transcends the numbers on the scale and your body is capable of so much more than that! The Yahoo #FitsPo Week series is dedicated to the inspiring men and women of Singapore who lead healthy, active lifestyles. Do you have someone … Read more

Exercise may increase the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines

The greatest protection from adverse outcomes after infection with Covid-19 is attributed to vaccination. But the shot’s effectiveness may be enhanced by new physical activity study have found. Higher levels of physical activity appear to be associated with higher efficacy of the initial series of Covid-19 vaccinations, according to the New search Published in the … Read more