A diet rich in sodium and potassium may increase the risk

Post on PinterestToo much sodium in your diet and too little potassium may affect your risk of cognitive decline. Binary Studio / Stocksy A new study shows that higher dietary sodium was associated with an increased risk of memory decline and that higher potassium intake was associated with higher cognitive function. Sodium and potassium both … Read more

Health benefits of red wine

There is some evidence that drinking red wine may offer health benefits. If you do not drink alcohol, health experts do not recommend that you start drinking alcohol. But if you enjoy alcohol in moderation, red wine is worth considering. Red wine contains powerful antioxidants, and many sources claim that drinking it has health benefits. … Read more

Fruit Nerd Thanh Truong on Frozen, Fresh, or Canned Vegetables: Which is More Nutritious?

When it comes to fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables, do you have an idea which has the most nutrients? Most people would be inclined to say something new. But did you know that there is a slight difference in nutritional value between fresh, frozen, and canned produce? That’s according to our Fruit Nerd resident, Than … Read more

Heart-healthy superfood: Everything you need to know about Brussels sprouts, cabbage and radishes

It all started with Thanksgiving and Christmas rituals, which involve baby cabbage that’s finely shredded, cleaned, and cooked to make a nutritious side dish or main course. But due to its superior nutritional value, nutrient density, and fat-reducing properties, it has been chosen all over the world. Which is why this Belgian vegetable is now … Read more

Steaming your meals may be a simple way to build a healthier gut: ScienceAlert

Two separate studies from Penn State University in the US show that a handful of peanuts and a pinch of herbs and spices can promote a healthy gut. there Trillions of individual microorganisms It lives in the human stomach and intestines, and includes hundreds to thousands of types of bacteria, virusesand fungus. Collectively, they’re known … Read more