Nick Chubb, star of the Browns and Bulldogs RB, flies over to watch Cedartown play in the state championship

Every offseason the NFL presents a Nick Chubb Workout video from his hometown, with the Cleveland Browns star reminding everyone that his bond with Cedartown High is as strong as his quads, hamstrings, and glutes. On Friday, Chubb took his love of soccer at Cedartown to another level. Just hours into final practice for Sunday’s … Read more

What pundits can expect in the Ravens-Steelers game, Week 14

The majority of pundits expect Pittsburgh to prevail You’ve surely heard the cliché about matches between arch-rivals: “You can throw away records when these two teams play.” It is often used to describe meetings between AFC North rivals Baltimore and Pittsburgh, and rightfully so. With the Steelers hosting the Ravens this Sunday, the phrase is … Read more

Cowboys make a really good call

Frisco, Texas – Let’s go. Seven games into the season the Cowboys were 29th in total offense. In the past five weeks, with Dak Prescott back in the captain’s chair, the Cowboys have moved up to 11th. Seven games into the season the Cowboys were 22nd in scoring, averaging 19.1 points a game. In the … Read more

Why did the NFL settle with Deshaun Watson instead of a one-year suspension?

On Sunday afternoon, DeShaun Watson will play in a regular season game for the first time in over two dozen massage therapists. Publicly shared accounts of sexual harassment and assault By quarterback Brown. The comeback will take place at the home stadium of the Texans, a team over the summer that reached settlements with 30 … Read more