Shack 8 Mining Production and Operations Update for November 2022

Copyright 2022 PR Newswire. All rights reserved2022-12-05 238 bitcoins were mined, bringing the reserve to 8,925 TorontoAnd the December 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hut 8 Mining Corp. (NASDAQ: hut) (TSX: hut), (“Hut 8” or “Company”) one North Amarica The largest innovation-focused digital asset mining leader and provider of high-performance computing infrastructure, increased our Bitcoin holdings … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo begins his World Cup career with Portugal after leaving Manchester United

CNN – after two days troubled departure from Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo He will start his work world Cup His career with Portugal and we look forward to putting the events of the past week and a half behind him. Portugal faces Ghana at Stadium 974 on Thursday, kicking off what is likely to be … Read more

COP27: Summit agrees to help climate victims. But it does nothing to stop fossil fuels

Sharm Alsheikh, Egypt CNN – The world has failed to reach an agreement to phase out fossil fuels after a number of oil-producing countries “blocked” United Nations climate talks. Countries. negotiators from nearly 200 countries COP27 UN Climate Summit In Egypt, it took the historic step of agreeing to establish a “loss and damage” fund … Read more

Maldives Minister: Negotiators reach agreement on climate fund

SHARM EL SHEIKH, Egypt (AP) – Negotiators said they have reached a potential breakthrough deal on the thorny issue of United Nations climate talks, creating a fund to compensate poor countries suffering from extreme weather conditions exacerbated by rich countries’ carbon pollution. . “There is an agreement on loss and damage,” Maldivian environment minister Aminath … Read more

Wild animal populations are down 69% – here’s how to solve this crisis | wild animals

It was Europe’s hottest summer on record, as sweltering heatwaves and wildfires accelerated emissions to a 15-year high. Kenya is suffering its worst drought in more than 40 years, while Pakistan is grappling with devastating floods that have killed thousands of people and displaced millions. Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is at a six-year high, … Read more

The ship refuses to leave the port of Italy until all the migrants have left

CATANIA, Sicily (Associated Press) – The captain of a migrant rescue ship operated by a charity refused Italian orders to leave the port of Sicily Sunday after authorities refused to allow 35 migrants on his ship to disembark – part of the directive by the new far-right Italian government targeting foreign-flagged rescue ships. Italian Prime … Read more

Desert elephants find friends in the dry lands of Namibia

Irungo District, Namibia CNN – Think of African elephants and you might imagine them roaming among the open grasslands or building their homes in the woods. But in northwestern Namibia, amid a barren landscape of rocky mountains, sand and gravelly plains, herds of elephants have adapted to life in the desert. They are one of … Read more

Food for thought: This leftover waste contributes to carbon emissions and water wastage

The world has enough food production but the root cause of increasing hunger is food waste. Food loss and waste not only affect the environment but also have consequences for the economy. New DelhiAnd theupdated: October 16, 2022 07:30 India Time One of the UN’s top priorities is to halve global food waste by 2030 … Read more

Masai Ujiri and Pascal Siakam take Africa’s giants to new heights

wild birds president Maasai Ujiri He got a little emotional while recounting a moment from his childhood, in which his mother asked about his worn-out shoes and wondered if sport would ever feed him. “It’s feeding a lot of people now,” Ojiri said Monday at the United Nations Conference on Unstoppable Africa in New York. … Read more