Bombed, Unbeaten: Ukraine’s capital shifts into survival mode

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Residents of Ukraine’s bombed-out capital held empty bottles for water and crowded into cafes for energy and warmth Thursday, defiantly switching into survival mode after fresh Russian missile strikes a day earlier flooded the city and most of the city. across the country in the dark. In scenes hard to believe … Read more

Maldives Minister: Negotiators reach agreement on climate fund

SHARM EL SHEIKH, Egypt (AP) – Negotiators said they have reached a potential breakthrough deal on the thorny issue of United Nations climate talks, creating a fund to compensate poor countries suffering from extreme weather conditions exacerbated by rich countries’ carbon pollution. . “There is an agreement on loss and damage,” Maldivian environment minister Aminath … Read more

The European Union rocks climate talks with a surprise offer of disaster financing

SHARM EL SHEIKH, Egypt (AP) – Climate talks appeared to be stalled late Thursday night on key issues that will wind down in the final day, but prospects for a deal were boosted by an unexpected proposal from the European Union on two of its thorniest issues, linked compensation. to climate disasters to more stringent … Read more

China eases some quarantines for travelers even as cases rise

BEIJING (AFP) – Travelers arriving in China will spend less time in quarantine under changes to comprehensive anti-virus controls announced Friday to curb disruptions to the economy and society. The announcement came as an increase in COVID-19 cases prompted Beijing to close parks and impose other restrictions. The country reported 10,729 new cases, and more … Read more

USDA rabies vaccines scattered in 13 states

NEW ORLEANS (AP) – The USDA has begun dispensing millions of oral rabies packages Vaccines from helicopters and planes in more than 13 states from Maine to Alabama. The main goal is to prevent raccoons from spreading the deadly virus strain to states where it has not been found or is not widespread, said field … Read more

Climate questions: What are the sources of emissions?

by SIBI ARASU October 28, 2022 GMT BENGALURU, India (AP) – Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases are heating the planet. So what are the most important human activities that cause it? The largest share of these warming gases is pumped for energy, with coal, oil and gas … Read more

California’s wells are drying up as drought depletes groundwater

FIRMAD, CA (AFP) – As California’s drought worsens, Eileen Moore’s family is running out of an increasingly valuable resource: water. Almond growers in the Central Valley have had two wells dry up this summer. Two of her adult children now get water from a new well the family dug after the old well dried up … Read more

After 100 years of holding together, the Colorado River is approaching crisis point

Written by Chris Outcalt and Brittany Peterson September 12, 2022 GMT DENVER (Associated Press) – The deepening crisis facing the Colorado River is essentially an accounting problem. The 40 million people who depend on the river to fill a glass of water at the dinner table, wash their clothes, or grow food across millions … Read more