Roger Federer talks about life after tennis

He said “never”. “You’ve never held the racket in my hand. You don’t have these things in Switzerland.” As for tennis, the legend of the man has closed the book. I met Federer on Saturday in a small office on the ground level of the O2 Arena, where, the night before, he played the final … Read more

This “single biggest predictor of future stock market returns” has fallen sharply – that’s a bullish sign

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Much of the bull market’s excess has been addressed, according to the “Single Greatest Predictor of Future Stock Market Returns.” This is good news. I’m pointing to the pointer, It was first suggested by the Philosophical Economics blog in 2013, based on the average allocation of a family’s portfolio to … Read more

Ford warns of spare parts shortage, high supplier costs expected to affect profits

Ford Motor a company F 1.43% He warned Monday that third-quarter earnings will be impacted by nearly $1 billion in higher-than-expected supplier costs and parts shortages that have resulted in incomplete vehicles he was unable to sell during the period. The Dearborn, Michigan, automaker has reaffirmed its year-end guidance for 2022, as it expects adjusted … Read more

The rise of the dollar causes problems for global economies

The US dollar is experiencing a one-time high in a generation, a rise that threatens to get worse slowdown in growth The inflation problems of global central banks are amplified. The dollar’s role as the primary currency in global trade and finance means that its fluctuations have wide-ranging effects. Currency strength is felt in Fuel … Read more

Energy and mining make the stock market look so good

High profits for oil companies and miners make earnings look better than the reality of the rest of the stock market, and distort Wall Street’s favorite valuation tool, the expected price-earnings ratio. Exclude the energy sector and projected earnings for the S&P 500 this year will fall from 8% to just over 1%, according to … Read more

Can the Fed Tame Inflation Without Further Crushing The Stock Market? What’s next for investors?

The Federal Reserve isn’t trying to criticize the stock market for quickly raising interest rates in an attempt to slow still-hot inflation — but investors need to be prepared for more pain and volatility because policymakers won’t be scared, investors and strategists said of a deep selloff. “I don’t think they’re necessarily trying to drive … Read more

The next financial crisis may already be ripe, but not as many expect

A growing number of traders, academics and bond market experts are concerned that the $24 trillion US Treasury debt market could head into crisis as the Federal Reserve began its “quantitative tightening” on high alert this month. With the Fed doubling the pace that its bond holdings will “roll” its balance sheet in September, some … Read more

Google is making cuts to its internal startup incubator

the alphabet a company The Google 0.53% Google has scaled back its support for an in-house startup incubator designed to kick-start product development, as CEO, Sundar Pichai Looking for areas to cut costs Following the slowdown in advertising sales growth. Two people said the unit known as Area 120 – which Mr Pichai started in … Read more

Quantitative tightening is about to intensify. What does that mean for the markets?

The Federal Reserve now owns about a third of the Treasury and mortgage-backed securities markets as a result of its emergency asset purchase to support the US economy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Two years of so-called quantitative easing doubled the central bank’s balance sheet to $9 trillion, equivalent to 40% of the country’s GDP. By … Read more