Healthcare – Petitions and Supreme Court Cases

During 2022 and beyond, many health care-related cases will finally reach the Supreme Court. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) Although the Court upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) as in California vs TexasOther cases involving specific provisions of the ACA are still ongoing. In one of those cases, Braidwood Mgmt. … Read more

How a suburban hospital uses virtual reality for stroke rehabilitation

David Gerfen slips on a headset and finds himself in a food truck, tasked with putting together a made-to-order cheese and tomato sandwich. When transferred to another virtual environment, Jervin has to use one hand to deflect a blue ball towards him like a throwing machine across a green field. Gervin, 80, is not an … Read more

Grant winner Jesse Hawkes Pierce supports athletes with disabilities

Jesse Hawkes-Pierce with John West, EIT’s Head of Business and Computing, and CEO of Ryman Healthcare NZ Cheyne Chalmers. Not content with her laurels, Jesse Hawkes-Pierce has her finger in many pies and is already looking to the future after receiving a Sir James Watty scholarship three weeks ago. The 26-year-old EIT Business student won … Read more

University of Utah Health Doctor Joins Prestigious Fellowship Program

Newswise – Jeffrey Nadel, MD, MSc, resident physician in neurosurgery at the University of Utah Health has worked across the biomedical spectrum–from in vitro cellular brain research to clinical and health services research, international public health, and health economics and policy. But this fall, he will hang his white coat and instead wear a zip-up … Read more

Hopkins Medicine could abandon CareFirst during negotiations

A big change may come in Maryland who rely on CareFirst for health insurance and Johns Hopkins Medicine for their care. More than 300,000 Maryland residents who have seen a Johns Hopkins caregiver in the past two years and who have health insurance through CareFirst may soon be kicked out of coverage. Both nonprofits told … Read more

Don’t be afraid to support privatized healthcare

The idea of ​​not letting a good crisis go to waste has become a political cliché. Canada, and especially health care in Ontario, is facing a crisis caused by three main factors. The first is pent-up demand for healthcare resources and innovations. This comes after many years of postponing care and two years of properly … Read more