Iranians face punishment after losing to the United States in the World Cup: experts

Iran’s national soccer team faces retaliation in the Islamic Republic after failing in Tuesday’s clash against the United States, experts told The Post. Former CIA covert operations officer Mike Baker said Iranian players are stuck in an “untenable situation” after Very interesting match against the United Stateswhich defeated Iran 1-0 to advance to the round … Read more

American football erases the Iranian flag as a sign of protest

DOHA, Qatar – With the United States and Iran gearing up for a dangerous World Cup match here on Tuesday, the U.S. Soccer Federation has taken to social media to issue what it says is a statement of support for the protesters inside Iran: A modified version of the Iranian flag. The federation’s action led … Read more

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has been criticized for speaking out about human rights in Qatar ahead of the World Cup

CNN – FIFA President Gianni Infantino A speech that lasted nearly an hour on the eve of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was described as “rude” and “insulting”. migrant workers by human rights groups. In an explosive monologue at the start of a press conference in Doha, Infantino – the president of FIFA – … Read more

Experts at the UN Human Rights Council call for protecting human rights from Amnesty International’s challenges

Artificial Intelligence – CC Pexels CAIRO – 23 September 2022: A number of international experts in the field of artificial intelligence and human rights, along with international organizations and individuals, called for a united effort through international action and a legal framework to protect human rights privacy when it comes to adoption. Artificial intelligence techniques. … Read more

Izyum: Ukraine says some bodies found in a mass grave bear “marks of torture”

Isium, Ukraine CNN – Even torrential rain couldn’t erase the smell of death in the pine forest of Izyum on Friday afternoon, as Ukrainian investigators made their way through a mass burial site found in the eastern Ukrainian city. recover from Russian forces. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said at least 440 “unmarked” graves had been found … Read more