Analysts call ‘high-confidence’ stocks playing a role in the market turmoil

Wall Street analysts are doubling down on a group of stocks they see as well-positioned to weather the overall uncertainty. CNBC Pro scoured the top of Wall Street research to find “highly convinced” analysts’ thoughts. Analysts said that these companies have strong growth prospects and first-class management. Stocks include: CrowdStrike, Atlassian, Medifast, Thermo Fisher and … Read more

The dangers and promises of quantum computing are approaching

The stark warning came from one of the tech world’s most prominent CEOs. Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai told an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, three years ago that quantum computing has the potential to change humanity’s understanding of the natural world, enabling scientists to create new drugs and better batteries, among … Read more

FedEx’s warning reflects both the global economy and internal shortcomings

A FedEx worker makes deliveries on September 16, 2022 in Miami Beach, Florida. Joe Riddell | Getty Images FedEx He warned of weak global shipping demand in a preliminary earnings report last week, leaving the market scrambling to determine whether the problems reflect internal company flaws or a broader economic diagnosis. CEO Raj Subramaniam cited … Read more

European stocks open to close; Markets brace for more Fed rate action

Rheinmetall tops European stocks with 9.6% gain German company for the manufacture of cars and weapons Rheinmetall It rose 9.6% late in the morning, leading to broad gains for defense companies after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial military mobilization, in an apparent escalation of tensions in the war in Ukraine. Rheinmetall shares have … Read more

European stocks fell at the open as traders await the Federal Reserve meeting

Porsche offers nearly 3% Porsche shares rose nearly 3% in early trading Monday after German carmaker Volkswagen said it aims to value up to 75 billion euros for the luxury brand when it goes on the stock market. Porsche was last seen trading 2.5% higher while Volkswagen was just above the flat line. Karen Gilchrist … Read more

August industrial production, retail sales

August was marked by sweltering temperatures in parts of China, leading to temporary power rationing in some areas. Pictured here on August 24, 2022, the skyline of the central city of Chongqing is shown with the lights partially turned off to conserve energy during a heat wave. Vcg | China Optical Group | Getty Images … Read more

European markets open their doors to close inflation data, earnings and US news

Ocado shares drop after sales warning as cost of living pressures intensify Ocado delivery trucks in London on January 21, 2022. Mike Kemp | Pictures | Getty Images British grocery delivery company okado He led early European stock losses after forecasting a slight dip in sales for 2022 and “close to break” earnings. The company … Read more

Quantitative tightening is about to intensify. What does that mean for the markets?

The Federal Reserve now owns about a third of the Treasury and mortgage-backed securities markets as a result of its emergency asset purchase to support the US economy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Two years of so-called quantitative easing doubled the central bank’s balance sheet to $9 trillion, equivalent to 40% of the country’s GDP. By … Read more