FIFA President Gianni Infantino has been criticized for speaking out about human rights in Qatar ahead of the World Cup

CNN – FIFA President Gianni Infantino A speech that lasted nearly an hour on the eve of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was described as “rude” and “insulting”. migrant workers by human rights groups. In an explosive monologue at the start of a press conference in Doha, Infantino – the president of FIFA – … Read more

The Russian Embassy said that Putin will not attend the G20 summit in person

Hong Kong CNN – Russian President Vladimir Putin The Russian Embassy in Indonesia told CNN on Thursday that it will not personally attend a summit of G20 leaders in Bali next week. Yulia Tomskaya, head of protocol at the embassy, ​​said Putin would be represented by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Tomskaya added that Putin … Read more

go ahead. Go crazy with avocado. There is a huge glut and prices are calming down

New York CNN Business – There’s at least one ingredient in the grocery store that’s getting less expensive: avocados. There is a big glut in the supply of butter fruit It lowered wholesale prices, which led to lower store prices as well. With the total cost of groceries up astounding 13% compared to last yearCheaper … Read more