FIFA President Gianni Infantino has been criticized for speaking out about human rights in Qatar ahead of the World Cup

CNN – FIFA President Gianni Infantino A speech that lasted nearly an hour on the eve of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was described as “rude” and “insulting”. migrant workers by human rights groups. In an explosive monologue at the start of a press conference in Doha, Infantino – the president of FIFA – … Read more

Backpacking mice can help save earthquake survivors

CNN – Buildings do not collapse mostly – But when they do, it is disastrous for those who are trapped inside. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes can reach the level of entire towns, and for search and rescue teams trying to find survivors, this is a daunting task. But an unexpected savior is … Read more

How a sleeping corner in the market almost caused the collapse

London CNN Business – Retirement funds are designed to be boring. Their only goal – to earn enough money to make payments to pensioners – prefers quiet heads to noisy risk takers. But as markets in the UK Went last weekAnd the hundreds of British pension fund managers found themselves at the center of a … Read more

Rapper Coolio passed away at the age of 59

CNN – Collio, the ’90s rapper who lit up the music charts with songs like “Gangsta’s Paradise” and “Fantastic Voyage,” has died, his friend and manager Jarez Posey told CNN. He was 59 years old. Bussey said Collio died Wednesday afternoon. Details of the circumstances were not immediately available. When contacted by CNN, Captain Eric … Read more

The Fed’s fight against inflation could cost 1.2 million US jobs

Minneapolis CNN Business – In its efforts to lower historical inflation and cool the economy, the Federal Reserve has used Multiple euphemisms To describe the potential impact on Americans’ jobs, from Economical ‘pain’ To the “unfortunate costs” and Softening the labor market. However, the data does not taint the words. The Federal Reserve’s latest economic … Read more

Rail strike averted after lengthy talks reached agreement in principle

Washington DC CNN Business – Unions and management reached a tentative agreement early Thursday to avoid the freight rail strike that threatened to paralyze US supply chains and drive up prices for many goods. The deal with unions representing more than 50,000 engineers and conductors was announced just after 5 a.m. in a statement from … Read more

Tom Brady says he’s ‘close to the end’ as he keeps hinting at retirement

CNN – Tom Brady He commented in his last podcast appearance that it was “coming to an end” NFL his career as he continued to hint at his retirement. Brady, 45, who had a season turbulence, retired in February only to later reverse that decision. In the middle of training camp in August, Brady took … Read more