The defiant President of Ukraine strikes drones on Russia again

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) — Drones bombed inside Russia’s border with Ukraine on Tuesday, the second day of attacks, revealing the vulnerability of some of Moscow’s most important military sites, experts said. Ukrainian officials have not officially confirmed that the drone strikes were carried out inside Russia, and have maintained ambiguity about previous high-profile attacks. But … Read more

At the Shanghai vigil, the bold cry for change preceded the crackdown

SHANGHAI (AP) — Mourners in Shanghai lit candles and laid flowers. “Urumqi, 11.24, rest in peace” was written in red on the cardboard – a reference to the deadly apartment fire in the western Chinese city of Urumqi. That sparked outrage over perceptions that the country’s strict coronavirus measures played a role in the disaster. … Read more

Bombed, Unbeaten: Ukraine’s capital shifts into survival mode

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Residents of Ukraine’s bombed-out capital held empty bottles for water and crowded into cafes for energy and warmth Thursday, defiantly switching into survival mode after fresh Russian missile strikes a day earlier flooded the city and most of the city. across the country in the dark. In scenes hard to believe … Read more

Maldives Minister: Negotiators reach agreement on climate fund

SHARM EL SHEIKH, Egypt (AP) – Negotiators said they have reached a potential breakthrough deal on the thorny issue of United Nations climate talks, creating a fund to compensate poor countries suffering from extreme weather conditions exacerbated by rich countries’ carbon pollution. . “There is an agreement on loss and damage,” Maldivian environment minister Aminath … Read more

Asia-Pacific leaders condemn the war and renew calls for open trade

BANGKOK (AP) — Leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region have called for an end to Russia’s war on Ukraine They pledged to steer the region’s economies towards sustainable growth as the summit meetings conclude on Saturday. Host Thailand got a diplomatic coup in managing divisions among the 21 members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum … Read more

The European Union rocks climate talks with a surprise offer of disaster financing

SHARM EL SHEIKH, Egypt (AP) – Climate talks appeared to be stalled late Thursday night on key issues that will wind down in the final day, but prospects for a deal were boosted by an unexpected proposal from the European Union on two of its thorniest issues, linked compensation. to climate disasters to more stringent … Read more

A well-known professor in Moscow denounces France as “anti-Turkophobic and anti-Muslim”

Written by Professor Kamran Rustamov The French called on Pope Urban II to launch a crusade against the Turks. Voltaire wrote to Catherine II in 1769: “Madame, by killing the Turks, Your Imperial Majesty is lengthening my days.” The famous French writer Victor Hugo once wrote in one of his books that “with the barbarians,” … Read more

Israel deploys remote-controlled automatic rifles in the West Bank

ARAB REFUGEE CAMP, West Bank (AP) – In two volatile areas of the occupied West Bank, Israel has installed automatic weapons that can fire tear gas, stun grenades and sponge-tipped bullets at Palestinian protesters. Positioned above a crowded Palestinian refugee camp and in a restive West Bank city, the weapons use artificial intelligence to track … Read more

Biden hopes Putin will negotiate release of WNBA star Greiner

President Joe Biden said Wednesday that he hopes Russian President Vladimir Putin will be more willing to negotiate the release of WNBA star Britney Grenier. Now that the US midterm elections are over. “My hope is that now that the election is over, Mr. Putin can discuss it with us and be willing to talk … Read more

The ship refuses to leave the port of Italy until all the migrants have left

CATANIA, Sicily (Associated Press) – The captain of a migrant rescue ship operated by a charity refused Italian orders to leave the port of Sicily Sunday after authorities refused to allow 35 migrants on his ship to disembark – part of the directive by the new far-right Italian government targeting foreign-flagged rescue ships. Italian Prime … Read more